Thai Massage is undoubtedly one of the most popular forms of massage available today.Thai Massage can increase your strength and flexibility, thus decreasing musle tension and allowing your body full relaxation. Sometimes however a steamed herbal liniment may be applied to the skin with a towel; the combination of heat and herbs enhances the healing process.

This enhanced state of mind will strengthen your spirit and create a more positive outlook on life. This aspect of Thai Massage has lead some to playfully call it "lazy man's yoga", since the practitioner does all the work of stretching your body.Thai Massage usually begins with your feet. The Therapist will use both of their feet and hands to position and counter-balance your body into the various stretches and movements. The body will return to balance with a proper functioning nervous system, improved blood circulation, and increased vitality..

Thai Massage can improve your health: When your energy flows correctly, blockages will be resolved. This unique style of therapy blends various influences of Asian medicine and the philosophy of Buddhism. Today, traditional Thai Massage Salons can be found world-wide. Thai Massage is given on a mat laid upon the floor, with no oils being used during the treatment. By opening up the energy lines in your body with the facilitation of this stretching and gentle pressure, it aids in improving your health. It's important to relax and allow the Therapist to move your body in to these postures for best results. This adjustment of your muscle tone can correct your posture and realign your body for better energy flow, relieving pain and nourishing your joints.Thai Massage is a Promotional gifts&toys combination of, reflexology, acupressure, and yoga stretches. These movements resemble various yoga postures; although they are performed solely by the massage therapist.Thai Massage is performed with the recipient being fully clothed, usually in loose fitting clothing or pyjamas and bare feet.Thai Massage also has meditative qualities and allows you to reconnect your body and mind which can lead to an increase of mental focus, clarity and emotional balance.

The Massage therapist then proceeds through a series of massage movements and stretches. It is said that a person's life force circulates their body through energy pathways called sen. Thai Massage focuses on treating specific acupressure points along the 10 most important sen even though there are thousands of sen in the body. Foot massage, or reflexology, is an important component of Thai Massage and is also Yoga mat practiced independently of full body massages